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must have fraser island instagram photos - lake mckenzie

If you are an avid Instagrammer, Travel blogger or simply enjoy taking photos of scenic places, World Heritage Listed Fraser Island needs to be at the top of your destination list. But, to get your creative photography juices flowing, check out our top 10 must have Fraser Island Instagram snaps you need to capture while you’re on the island. Oh, and don’t forget to tag us #PalaceAdventures.

#1 - The Lake McKenzie Snap

When you think Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie is usually an image that pops straight to mind! The pristine clear water with the bright aqua ring around the lake is a sight you never want to forget.

For those of us that are yet to master the headstand, a simple wet hair flick never goes astray!

#2 -The Maheno Shipwreck Snap

You can't visit the iconic Maheno Shipwreck without getting photo evidence to prove you were here! This baby found itself beached in 1935 due to a cyclone that crossed its path on its way to New Zealand.

Now, this beautiful ship can be visited along the 75 Mile beach on Fraser Island.

It is key to mention that there are rules around how close you can go to the ship, so a drone (if you're lucky enough to have one) is a great tool to capture the perfect shot.

#3 - The 'Reflection' Snap

Want to up your Instagram feed? Take a picture in the wing mirror or grab your sunnies and show off the epic views of Fraser Island from a different perspective.

#4 - The Scenic Shot

With a number of beautiful walks and look out points, it would be rude not to show off the simple yet jaw dropping scenic shot.

This snap was captured at the Indian Head Lookout. From here you can see the endless beaches from both directions and if you look close enough, you might get lucky and spot some of Frasers local sea creatures!

#5 - The 'I Learnt How to Four-Wheel Drive' Snap

If you didn't know already, you need a four-wheel drive to visit Fraser Island!

On our Palace Adventures, our experienced guides teach you all you need to know to confidently get behind the wheel. So, obviously you need to let your followers know about your new skill!

If you decide you don't want to drive while on your Palace Adventure, that's cool. You can ride in the passenger's seat... but still get the photo!

#6 - The Central Station Snap

Did you know that Fraser Island is the only sand island in the world with a rainforest on it?!

You know it is an amazing place when you can go from the piping hot and never-ending beach to the lush green rainforest within minutes.

#7 - The Sunset Snap

If there is one New Year's resolution you should commit to, or add to your list, it is to watch the sunset more often… Especially if you are on Fraser Island. There is something magical about an ocean sunset. No matter what the weather, it always creates that feeling of knowing you are right where you are meant to be at that moment!

#8 - The Underwater Snap

If you have a Go-Pro, or one of those iPhone underwater cases, they are a must pack when heading to Fraser Island. With over one hundred freshwater lakes; YES... 100! An underwater snap is pretty much mandatory!

#9 - The Champagne Pools Snap

Fraser Island's very own natural Jacuzzi, the Champagne Pools, are the only place on the island where it is safe to swim in the Ocean water (due to sharks and currents).

Take a walk along the boardwalk and you'll find a set of stairs taking you down to a little slice of paradise and the perfect place to relax!

#10 - The SQUAD Snap

What's a trip to Fraser Island without the ultimate SQUAD! Travelling anywhere in the world can always be a great experience, but sometimes it is the people you share the experience with that make those moments so special!

And if these Fraser Island instagram snaps haven’t inspired you to book a Fraser Island Tour I don’t know what will. Don’t forget to tag #PalaceAdventures when you start snapping your must have photos.

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