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Beckoning travellers from all over the world, Fraser Island's sandy shores, crystal clear turquoise waters and wildlife are showcased all over the internet, creating serious travel inspiration. BUT, it is Fraser' unknown' and island secrets that brings visitors back to the island over and over again. So, in this blog, we thought we'd share a few facts you may not know!

1. Fraser Island Has Over 100 Freshwater Lakes

And you can swim in all of them! So make sure you pack your swimmers (and sunscreen of course), because you have some serious lake diving to do when you hit the island!

2. It Is the Largest Sand Island in The World

Yup, it sure is AND the island is also Heritage Listed. What this means is that formally, Australia recognise that this place has heritage significance and we want to keep it for future generations.

3. There Are Around Thirty Packs of Dingos' That Roam the Island

And each pack consists of around twelve dogs! It is common to come across these beautiful K9' during your stay on Fraser Island, however it is important to remember that Dingo's are wild animals and should be respected and given their space.

4. Fraser Island Is Over 800,000 Years Old

But just like fine wine, it continues to get better with age!

5. Fraser Island is one of the best places to whale watch in Australia

FACT! Between June and October every year thousands of whales wake their way up and then back down the coast of Australia as apart of their breeding migration, and Fraser Coast just happens to be one of their favourite spots! It is pretty much guaranteed that you will see these majestic creatures during these dates and they can even be seen by shore! If you are after an up close and personal experience, we highly recommend you book yourself on a whale watching cruise!

6. Over 80 Million Litres of Water Flow from Eli Creek Into The Pacific Ocean Everyday

We all know Eli Creek from the thousands of photos online of people floating down the crystal clear water, and now you know where the currents that take us along the creek come from!

Key tip to note - if you are four wheel-driving near the mouth of Eli Creek where it meets the ocean, the currents can be quite strong and should only be crossed at low tide. If you find yourself needing to cross at high tide, you're better to pull over and take a dip in the creek until the tide goes out again!

7. The Island Is Rich with Eucalyptus Forest Which Exerts A Delicious Smell

But wait there's more! Imagine towering pines, rainforest trees with three metre girths, rare and ancient giant ferns, eucalypt forests with their characteristic pendulous leaves, lemon-scented swamp vegetation and dwarfed heathland shrubs covered in a profusion of flowers. Now imagine them all growing on an island of sand. There is truly no place like Fraser Island!

8. Lake McKenzie Boasts Pure Silica Sands That Are Great To Exfoliate Your Skin

AHHH, so that's why all of those people on Instagram are taking photos with sand all over themselves. Who needs to pay for an expensive body scrub when you can lather yourself in the silica sands at Lake McKenzie.

9. The Maheno Shipwreck Crashed On the Island' Shores in 1935 Due To A Cyclone

Unlike the shipwrecks that were purposefully beached on Moreton Island, the famous Maheno Shipwreck never intended to end its journey on our shores. Unfortunately for the ship and it's crew, good old mother nature got the better of them and decided Fraser island was its final destination.

10. Indian Head Was Named By Captain James Cook After He Spotted Three Aboriginal Locals Standing On The Headland

This name dates all the way back to, specifically, 17 May 1770, when Captain Cook was sailing by. The term 'Indian' was used at that time to describe native people of many lands.

So there you have it, learn something new everyday huh? If you want to know more or see Fraser Island for yourself, give us a call to book your tour!

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