Whale spotting Fraser Island
Known as the unofficial Whale watching capital of Australia, Hervey Bay, located roughly three hours north of Brisbane, is one costal town that needs to be explored.

With spectacular stretches of coastline, marine life, and Fraser Island nearby, Hervey Bay is the perfect getaway destination! Whether you are in the market for water, sunshine, a bit of peace and quiet, or a place to pull over on your way up the coast, Hervey Bay wont disappoint.

And with all that in mind, here are ourlist of the Top 5 things to do in Hervey Bay;

1. Walk The Esplanade

Arguably known as the ‘hub’ of Hervey bay for travellers, the beautiful waterfront Esplanade is a great spot to stretch your legs after a long car journey, take in that fresh sea air and clear your head.

2. Go Whale Watching

There are many places that you can go Whale watching in Australia, as these beautiful creatures LOVE our waters, but trust us when we say, you wont get a Whale watching experience ANYWHERE like you do off the coast of Hervey Bay.

3. Go Skydiving Over Hervey Bay

This one is for the dare devils out there. We couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to skydive over, imagine those views!

4. Visit Fraser Island

Despite stating the obvious, one of the main reasons people come to Hervey bay is on there way to the worlds largest sand island, K’gari, Fraser Island.

5. Visit ReefWorld Aquarium

If you have a love for marine life, ReefWorld is the perfect place to get up and close to some of your favourite creatures. From hand feeding a shark, to touching a turtle, this place offers an experience like no other.

What are you waiting for?

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